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  • I have a special needs camper. Would this camp be a good fit?
    Camp Fusion does not discriminate against race or disability and was created as a safe space for safe fun. Our Bright Stars program provides the Camp Fusion experience for youth that may need special accommodations for physical, mental, or emotional needs. Bright stars get to have their desired fun and necessary social exposure while being catered to in a more intimate setting.
  • My camper takes prescribed medication. Will someone be able to administer this?
    While camp counselors will be informed of the medical status of campers, Our onsite nurse will track and administer any and all medication to youth campers. ​
  • Are youth campers divided by age groups?
    Our youth campers will be split into age groups and assigned counselors for their specific range. They will remain in these groups the majority of the week unless placed in a large group activity.​
  • My senior takes prescribed medication. Will someone be able to administer this?
    While camp counselors will be informed of the medical status of campers, our onsite nurse will track and administer any medication to youth campers. ​
  • Do senior campers receive counselors?
    Senior campers will enjoy Camp Fusion in groups and as a whole under the supervision of our Director of Seniors. ​
  • Is the campsite wheelchair friendly?
    Wheelchair zones are marked at various points of the campsite.
  • Are the activities senior-friendly?
    We take note of interests, mobility, and other factors to ensure their experience is enjoyable throughout their stay.
  • What kind of training does the staff receive?
    Each staff member will be CPR and First Aid certified, background checked, and will have small and large group training to include topics like group management, conflict resolution, and campground safety.
  • Will there be supervision for all activities?
    Our activity staff or a Camp Fusion camp counselor will supervise each activity.​
  • Can campers use their cell phones during the week?
    Though certain instances may encourage minimal screen time and technology usage, we do not confiscate phones so that campers can access their devices.
  • How will my camper get to the campsite?
    Limited transportation will be provided for all registered campers to and from the campsite. Once registered, the meet-up and drop-off location will be disclosed in a separate communication thread and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registered campers are encouraged to drive to the camp destination.
  • How can I share the dietary restrictions for my camper?
    Our culinary staff will accommodate dietary restrictions. This can be listed when filling out the registration forms.
  • What should my camper bring for the week?
    We've got it covered so you don't miss a thing in your suitcase. View our 2023 packing list below . ​
  • How are the living quarters determined?
    Cabins and houses will be divided among gender and age groups. Cabins will have access to beds/bunks, toilets, and multiple community-style showers. ​
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