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A healthy society does not neglect the top and bottom of the chain.

We are often told that children are the future. While standing 100% on that notion, we at Camp Fusion recognize the need to nurture and provide consistent and reputable care and experiences so our young population is addressed with tools as they eventually mature.

With that, we also do not turn a blind eye to instances happening in our society, such as elder neglect. Elder neglect is defined as withholding basic care needs that an elderly person requires for their health, safety, or well-being.


We are committed to correcting this societal ill and going above and beyond to be present and provide for our senior citizen community. We recognize ourselves as a lifelong experience supplier, for we hope that participants, young and old, will walk away or return with excitement each year.

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WE PROVIDE                         

CAMPERS NEED               

  • Excitement

  • Enrichment 

  • Care

  • Enjoyment 

  • Diversified Experiences 

  • Community

Camp Fusion was created for people like...

Ms. Virgil

AGE 67
Her family questioned how she could have a summer expereince that allowed her to socialize with more people her age and enjoy outdoors.


AGE 8 
Both he and his parents were on the search for safe fun, enrichment, and an outlet to learn new skillsets before returning to school.

& YOU.

If you had the chance to change someone's life with just a few dollars, would you do it? 

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